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Blackbird Bakery is driven by two parts, Raven and Richard. Both are professionally trained chefs, Richard began in the rarified air of Cin Cin and Lumiere in Vancouver, and Raven trained under the much acclaimed Michelin 3 Star pastry chef,Thierry Busset. After long stints in the city and in Whistler, the pair decided that to be truly part of the fabric of a community, living and working the perfect long term job, they needed to bring to Pemberton what most towns in the world have, except in North America, a village bakery. The loose blueprint for Blackbird is a traditional French style.

Pemberton is renowned for a wide variety of locally produced food, from beef to vegetables to coffee to vodka. Faced with such possible ingredients, Raven and Richard try to incorporate the locavore ideal of sourcing food directly from the growers and producers in the area. This integration helps to reinforce the importance of Blackbird Bakery in the community, both as producers and consumers, they are part of the cycle. The proof is in the pudding, and the bread and the pastries. And they make a wicked coffee too.

Coffee Line Break

Tasty Creations

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

  • 1 pint fresh raspberries
  • Chocolate layer cake
  • Chocolate ganache

4 layers of Raspberries and chocolate covered with homemade chocolate ganache

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