Our Suppliers

Pemberton Valley Coffee Co.

Nestled in the Coast Mountains of BC, north of Whistler, lies the beautiful Pemberton Valley. It is here in our workshop that we roast the finest Organic, Shade Grown, Fairly Traded green coffee beans from around the world. We roast small batches daily, creating precise and consistent one of a kind recipes. The entire process from the coffee roasting and blending to the packaging is done by hand, allowing us to ensure that only the best is delivered to you. Because we are passionate about our coffee and our environment, we support farmers that only apply techniques for organic production in all crop stages. Your support counts, enjoy it knowing you care.

Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Two Rivers Specialty Meats is a purveyor of fine local meats that are free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemical feed additives. In addition to providing the finest protein products available, our goal is to strengthen the connection between producers and consumers. We want to foster a deep understanding amongst chefs, retailers, restaurants, consumers and the local farms who provide our products. We believe that people should know where their food is coming from, and that it was produced ethically and naturally.

Across the Creek Organics

Across the Creek Organics is located in Pemberton Meadows, and is operated by Brenda and Bruce Miller along with their five boys. The 4th generation family farm produces Organic Table Potatoes which are distributed throughout B.C.Brenda and Bruce chose to farm organically so their family and neighbours could live in a healthy environment with healthy food choices. Starting small with a few acres 'across the creek' the farm now grows 50 acres of organic potatoes. Look for the distinctive "Across the Creek Organics" label on our potatoes in your local grocery store.

Rootdown Organics

Rootdown Organic Farm is a small-scale, organic farm situated in the Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia. Started in 2009, the farm is run by Simone and Sarah who met in 2008 at the UBC Farm at the University of British Columbia in the Sowing Seeds Apprenticeship program. Surrounded by mountains, the farm is blessed with a flat, fertile valley bottom, bordered on both sides by glacial rivers. Currently the girls have 2 acres of mixed vegetables in production, with 20 rare-breed pigs and laying hens rotated through the fields for the benefit of both the animals and the land.

Namasthe Tea

Based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada since 2006, Namasthé Tea Co. (thé is the French word for tea) is a loose leaf TeaCrafter, wholesaler and retailer. Several Namasthé teas contain herbs, foraged botanicals and flowers from Pemberton, a growing community located in an agricultural valley north of Whistler, which are harvested and hand-blended with Single Origin loose leaf teas from around the world.